How to Use Viral Video To Create Leads and Sales

I know, that term Viral sounds quite nasty. It sounds like some sort of computer virus; and we all know the dangers of those, don’t we? Companies like Norton Anti-virus have made their fortunes keeping viruses away from our computers. But no, in this case, the term viral is a good thing. A viral video […]

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Call of Duty Black Ops three Zombies: REVELATIONS dynamic theme & new music!

New music from Revelations BO3 Zombies and a new dynamic theme to prepare for Salvation DLC 4! Thanks to MrZombiesClutch and Blackskull for the new gameplay 🙂 ✪ Mr RoflWaffles Videos! ✪ MrRoflWaffles Twitter! ✪ Rofl Waffles Instagram! ✪ Milo’s name on Snapchat is “mrrw” ✪ Roffle Waffles FaceBook! ♥ […]


The Serious Art Of Writing Humor

It has often been said that everyone likes humor and laughter on our planet. Well maybe not everyone, but almost every person who is normal will like humor provided someone else makes them laugh. And you can always enjoy reading a funny article or book written by somebody. But have you ever considered writing a […]


7 Viral Ways For Expanded Online Reach

What would happen if one of your friends tells about your newest blog to her five friends and they, in turn, tell their friends and it goes on like this? Pretty soon you will have all the traffic you need for a comfortable income from your new-found writing careers. Is it possible to to achieve […]